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Our lead data specialist has over 17 years working with Sage 50 data.

17 years experience working with Sage Data

Do you need to take data out of another program to bring into Sage 50? This is
something that we do everyday. Not only will we be able to bring your data over,
but because we are also accountants we will make sure all of your ending balances
from your old program are your beginning balances in Sage 50. Our most popular
data conversion goes between Sage 50 and Quickbooks. It does not matter if you
want your Sage 50 data to go out of Sage 50 into another program or if you want
your data from another program to come into Sage 50 we are the right firm to get
the job done. Call or email us today so we can give you a quote.


Here are some other services that we offer concerning data.

Batch emailing Payroll Stubs to employees
Changing a Cash Basis company to Accrual or vice versa
(Normally all transactions carry over but there are a few exceptions)
Converting data from other accounting systems including ADP
Creating Custom Reports in Excel from Sage 50 reports
Creating utilities to Automate daily tasks
Custom imports
Rebuilding a company
Repairing a company
SDK issues

Sage was closed and I still needed support to make my deadline. I called Global Accounting and got the problem fixed! Thanks again.

I had a payroll question and didn’t have time to wait for an answer. I called Global and was back working in 15 mins.

If we can't fix your issue with Sage 50, we will give you your money back!

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